I wasn’t looking forward to Halloween this year gone. All I could remember the year before was having my head down a toilet, bed bound and being too weak to have a shower. 

I was early pregnant with Delilah. I was so happy and grateful to be pregnant but the hyperemesis knocked me for six.

I was ill with Matilda in the first trimester but I didn’t really know what was happening. It was always my dream to be a mum so when I found out for the first time I was expecting I was on just cloud nine.

I remember with Matilda I was at my parent's house and suddenly felt really sick. Me and Scott were living in an apartment in Manchester at the time and I remember him coming home from training in the afternoon and I was unable to leave the couch all day from being sick and I was waiting for him to bring me a box of food home from the canteen.
I remember having to carry sick bags with me everywhere and as soon as I got to the car park I’d be non stop throwing up. The air vent was broke in our apartment too so all the kitchen cooking smells from the flat upstairs would come into our bathroom as I was throwing up. Anyone having morning sickness/ hyperemesis knows how kitchen smells are the worst.

Scott would climb into bed with his Netflix with chicken soup and I would literally throw up at the smell. I don’t think men realise what you're going through the first time around and you could just about put the soup on their head.

I remember finally going out to marks and Spencer’s to get some food bits and smelling bread and nearly missing the toilets throwing up. I remember Scott practically carrying me from walking from our flat in Manchester for dinner out, me throwing everything up and practically carrying me back.

Hyperemesis is absolutely RUBBISH it makes you feel so miserable but you feel bad for complaining as you are so lucky to be expecting. At the time reaching 3 months pregnant feels an absolute lifetime away when you feel so weak and miserable and unable to do anything.

I was so lucky my hyperemesis only lasted the first trimester and I honestly from my heart feel for the women so much that has to go through their whole pregnancy with hyperemesis it must be absolutely horrendous. I’ve heard with a lot of women they are in hospital time and time again on a drip.

For me, I only went to the hospital once. I wasn’t feeling great at all I remember it was Halloween and my friend kindly took my daughter to a Halloween party so I could just be ill on my own.

That was the hardest I found not being able to look after Matilda as well as I wanted when I wasn’t well early pregnancy.

I was fortunate my fiancé and amazing mum and amazing mother in law and sisters and friends were incredibly supportive and helped me. My work was very understanding too and I had a sick note from the doctors saying I was unable to film. I was absolutely gutted as I just loved my job so much and just wanted to be me again!

I remember when I had hyperemesis with Delilah I didn’t wash my hair for days and days and I couldn’t possibly put makeup on. I had spots all over my face and if Scott hugged me in bed that would even make me feel ill (haha poor Scott) and usually I love nothing better.

I would try and get my hair blow dried once a week to try and make myself feel a bit brighter but was throwing up my guts half the time.

When I went to the hospital I had bad pains in my stomach and Scott got his doctor from his football club to come and see me. I got referred to the hospital and the midwives were so kind to me.

When I was pregnant with Matilda I managed not to take medication. It was a horrible feeling ill with Matilda but I didn't have the pressures of having a child to look after and having a job and traveling between Glasgow and Manchester when I was pregnant with Delilah. They were pressures that I was putting on myself everyone at work was fab and my family but I’m a getup and go kind of person and lying in my bed was just the worst.

I would hate for this blog to sound like oh poor me, poor me. I honestly am beyond grateful for my beautiful, healthy babies and feel so lucky and they are everything and worth everything but hyperemesis is a really rubbish thing. It’s so rubbish and you feel like there is no end to it that is why I wanted to write a blog on hyperemesis to see if I could in any way help at all any other women suffering with it. I’m not an expert or anything but if I can share anything that could help other women that read this that would be great.

I took medication in being pregnant with Delilah. I was lucky the first medication prescribed to me worked for me. I was told by the nurses it was the lightest form of medication and was not harmful to my baby and would help me. I did feel guilty at first but I felt so rubbish that I really needed something.

I was given an anti stickiness injection and I think that just hydrated me and I was dehydrated with being ill which gave me a water infection.

I remember lying in the hospital bed with Matilda as she was such a mummy’s girl and Scott was watching the boxing on face time and I could have thrown his phone out the window haha.

Men are good but they're not perfect when you're going through this but they try. It’s hard when they are having to take over with everything.

Scott was sweet, he’d try but nothing was close to my mum. He would take Matilda out so I could be ill in bed and watch a box set.

I’d really recommend that to other women suffering from terrible morning sickness/ hyperemesis is to get into bed with a really good box set to keep your mind on something less otherwise it can be really depressing being bed bound. Also flicking and scrolling through Instagram is not going to make you feel great either seeing everyone else have fun and doing things.

Another thing that helped me was citrusy smells. Anything lemon, lime or orange. Diffusers are fab I really liked Jo Malone, lime and basil. Anything clean and fresh. I know it sounds a bit weird but I would visualise fresh strawberries when I felt sick and for me, anything with meat would make me feel really really ill.

I remember when I finally felt better and was put it the first trimester I loved sausage sandwiches from Starbucks around Christmas time which was odd from never really liking any meat to being completely disgusted by it being ill but I think my body was craving the iron.

My pregnancies in both my babies have been funny enough practically the same due dates so it was like history repeating itself with the same time of year.

For me what helped me was drinking sprite when I was ill. I know it’s not the most healthy thing but when your feeling so sick it’s best to give your body what you can to make yourself feel better. I think it’s because it was citrusy I don’t know what it was but it worked for me.

Another friend recommended sipping Lucozade but sprite was the one that made me feel a bit better, not sugar-free but normal cans of sprite.

I also liked drinking strawberry flavoured water that wasn’t sugar-free again not the healthiest but it helped me as the taste of normal water don’t taste great form being sick.

It’s mean aswell with hyperemesis as you feel so sick but you can’t eat as you feel sick but the hungrier you become the sicker you get so the trick is to keep eating little and often even if it’s anything. I couldn’t stomach much at all but I liked cream crackers, I hated the thought of chewy toast and I hated plain water biscuits. So I would eat as many of them as I could.

I was told constantly to eat ginger biscuits but I couldn’t eat ginger biscuits and was bloody sick of everyone telling me.

They say eating protein is good and it does actually work if you can try your hardest to stomach

These worked for me

* Jacket Potato and tuna with sweet corn and fresh salad

* chicken salad sandwich from Marks and Spencer’s

* tuna and cucumber baguette from Pret

*rice ( not pasta)


*I would eat a mango, crayfish salad from M&S that I liked again felt to be clean and fresh. I know you're not supposed to eat too much fish which pregnant but I feel it’s better to stomach when you can while feeling like this as it’s better than nothing

Even if you throw them up it’s good to try I felt clean fresh food with cucumber felt easier for me to eat.

Obviously, this is just some tips that I have experienced and I’m just hoping they help but if you can’t keep anything down and not liquids etc then it is best to go to the hospital.

You need a lot of love and support from family and friends when your feeling this way and you need to try and take pressures off.

I am a down to earth normal girl but I do have a lovely lady that helps me with the domestic jobs in my apartment when I was unwell. If you can I would think it is well worth or if you can get any help from family & friends and an understanding partner is a must.

Men are men and they aren’t used to seeing the women they love being ill and not herself and they feel a bit useless.

The first time I was pregnant with Matilda I ended up staying with my mum and dad as my mum was just amazing with looking after me and watching box sets with me. I mean mothers Ofcorse are the best and I was lucky I had that support.

I would hate for this blog to sound at all insensitive to anyone suffering from serious illnesses or having lost babies or struggling to conceive it’s just for other women to relate to that are really struggling with bad morning sickness/ hyperemesis for them so maybe feel less on their own.

It's nice to think of beautiful baby names and to look at cute baby things and to try and keep positive.

Scott wore an aftershave the other day and I was like I can’t stand that what is it and it was because he was wearing that aftershave during my pregnancy sickness.

I definitely want more children again. It’s my dream to have four. If this didn’t happen for me however I am just grateful to have two beautiful healthy children but I love being a mother and I love babies.

When I finally felt okay again and more back to normal I remember telling my mum and Scott never again, I couldn’t put myself through that again but I would and it’s all worth it.

To anyone reading this feeling absolutely rubbish lots of love to you and when you hold that baby in your arms it’s all worth it xxx